Our Key Dates

FEEE:Funded Early Education Entitlement.

Breakfast / Lunch with us: On these days we invite parents and carers to come in at breakfast or lunch time and eat with their children at the nursery. Please note that attendance must be booked ahead so that we can factor it into our cooking for the day.

Meet the Key Person (MTKP): We hold several “Meet the Key Person Days” over the year and specifically at the end of every term to give all parents and carers the opportunity to attend at least once a year. On these days, our nursery will be opened, and sessions will run as normal. However, your child’s key person will be available to meet you in the office or by Zoom to discuss your child’s progress and or any concerns you might have. This meeting will give parents and the key person the opportunity to share tips on toilet training, put into place an “Individual Development Plan” and discuss referrals, if necessary, etc. The meeting will last no more than 15 minutes.  You can always book a separate meeting to if you have further requirements to discuss.

Parents, Grand Parents, and family Stay and Play Visits: Parents, Carers, grandparents as well as qualifying family members can come in and spend some time with their child/ward and the other children. It is an opportunity for them to share their knowledge area with the nursery. We have the following activities available to choose from: A Big Talk, Story Time, Art and Craft, Baking/Cooking, Singing and Dancing, Sport etc. Parents will be asked to choose their preferred activity(ies) in advance to enable us to plan for the visit. We are only able to accommodate one parent at a time however there is no limit on the number of visits that a parent can book.