Cookery Class

At New Beginnings, we leverage on every opportunity as a chance to learn something new, and our cookery class for the children serve this purpose; this in addition to the foundation for life-long healthy food habits that we instil in the children that attend our nursery, through the food choices we provide at mealtimes.   We also reinforce this by having weekly cooking opportunities in our nursery.  We believe that our cookery classes will help to establish a positive relationship with food and cooking, self-sufficiency, healthy living, confidence in the kitchen as well as a sense of responsibility which can last through a lifetime. 

During our cookery classes, children learn skills such as measuring, weighing, counting, timing.  It also provides them with an opportunity to improve their social skills through sharing, communicating, and collaborating with each other. 

Further research has also shown that teaching cookery classes to children can help to promote healthy eating, boost self-confidence, and increase focus attention.