Our rooms


Our Baby room is for the 3-24 months old age group. Our baby room has been designed to be a true home-from-home for your little ones, enabling them to grow, play, and rest in comfortable and loving surroundings; parents and visitors describe it as cozy.

It has a wide range of age-appropriate resources & curriculum plan. The room includes a heuristic play corner, sleep area as well as a sensory corner. We are breastfeeding friendly and as such have a dedicated area that parents can stay to feed their child.  We follow your child’s interests & developmental needs while still planning for the areas of learning and development.


Toddlers The Toddlers area is for the 24-36 months age group. They enjoy a slightly more structured curriculum plan, with opportunities for the children to develop their independence. Staff follow children’s interests and developmental needs. Staff plan for the areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS government framework. Children have the use of a reading corner, home and role-play corner, sand and water play as well as a construction area. A quiet/sleep area is available for when they are tired. Our staff will always help with potty training as the children become more independent.


Our Pre-school area is for the 30 months – 5 yr. old age group. The Preschool is a free flow room with a more detailed & structured curriculum plan which follows the areas of learning as set out in the EYFS and the development matters. The children are catered to according to their level of development and planning follow the areas of learning and development specific to their age and requirements. Children are encouraged to use the toilet facilities independently in preparation for school. They have the use of a home and role-play corner, a mark-making area, a reading, and literacy corner as well as a maths and construction corner.