Healthy Eating

Our menu has been designed with strict adherence to the directives of the Childrens Food Trust to ensure that children get all their requirements from all the food groups.

Meals and snacks provided at the New Beginnings are freshly prepared on site daily and aim to support and encourage a healthy well-balanced diet.  Our menus are carefully tailored to healthy eating guidelines to make sure children get their five a day from their fruits and vegetables.  ‌The lunch menu includes a variety of foods from the main food groups and provides key nutrients for a growing child. The children enjoy foods from a variety of cultures and tastes which further enhances their palate and a greater understanding of their environment.

Our children are encouraged in the self-serve system which we believe will promote independence and decision making. They also take turns in being ‘little helpers’ at lunchtime. Staff members are always there to support the children and help make mealtimes feel social, they sit at lunch with the children as a means of setting examples of good table manners and encouraging conversation.  Our parents are constantly delighted with the progress their children make at the nursery in feeding themselves and learning to eat a varied diet and more ‘grown-up’ food.

We have a robust system in place to make sure that food allergies are closely monitored and that children are not given anything that their parents do not want them to eat either for religious or medical reasons.  Our cook and all of the staff in the nursery are also trained to ensure children do not get foods they are allergic to or that their parents do not want them to eat and we have a very robust system to ensure children do not get anything they should not.  please click on the link below to see a sample of our menu.

sample menu