Nursery Life

We love our nursery and we hope that you will too.  You will see from the moment that you step into our nursery that we take pride in it.  Our nursery is fresh, bright, clean and has a home away from home feel.  Our colours, the flooring, layout, environment, and our continuous provision have been well thought out and presented with the care, safety, and the opportunity for play and learning of our little ones in mind.

Our outdoor area is sectioned and resourced for the different age groups that we look after.  At New Beginnings, there is no such thing as bad weather day; we ensure that our children get a lot of outdoor time and fresh air by going outside a minimum of twice a day.

We know that food is very important for growing children and we also know that it is important to lay the habit of healthy choice making from now and in view of these, Healthy eating is a key part of what we do at the nursery.  Our menu has been designed based on the Children food trust stipulations in conjunction with our consultant nutritionist.