Looking After Your Child From Birth To Age 5

29th August 2016

We’ve got programmes and activities for children of any age, right up until they are ready for primary school. We make sure every child finds something that they enjoy.
We work with your child to find out their favourite things, help them make choices and establish friendships with others.  We offer the same care you’d expect at home, thereby giving them a home from home experience.  we are able to do achieve these by doing the following:

  • We follow their sleep/feeding routines
  • Your child’s favourite meals and snacks
  • A favourite toy or blanket can be brought
  • Staff spend time with each child on their own
  • Any issues or problems are raised with you
  • Developmental milestones tracked
  • Birthdays celebrated, family news discussed
  • Help your child feel like an individual
Ensuring Your Child Gets The Care They NeedSessions